Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013...What a Wonderful Year It Has Been!

Happy New Year's Eve!

2013 was by far the best year to date...it was the year of the baby in the Konesheck house!  A year ago today on New Year's Eve 2012, Eric and I found out we were pregnant!  It was definitely an answered prayer and wish.  I love our story on how we found out and why New Years Eve was such a special day to find out.  Now, here we are a year later and we have the most amazing, sweet, loving baby girl anyone could ask for.  We are so excited to celebrate New Years Eve with her this year. 

Here are our top 13 memories of 2013...

1. We found out we were pregnant!

2.  We were able to see our baby on ultrasound at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 13 weeks.

3. We went to Disney World with the Konesheck's...such an amazing trip!

4. We announced our pregnancy to the world at Disney World on our 5 year anniversary.

5. We found out that we were having a baby girl- such a surprise to Eric and me! We were convinced it was a boy. We told our family and friends at our gender reveal party.

6. We saw Madison on 3D ultrasound- what an amazing experience!

7. I started going to the doctor twice a week to be monitored due to Madison's umbilical cord only having 1 artery instead of 2.

8. We had a baby shower for Madison at my school, Eric's work and with our friends and family.

9. After being in the hospital for 2 days, Madison made her grand entrance into the world! This was the day our life changed forever. Here is her birth story!

Part 1      Part 2     Part 3

10. We adjusted to life with a newborn.  As hard as it was at times, I wouldn't change it for the world.

11. We celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with Madison.

12. We celebrated Madison's 1 month, 2 month and 3 month birthdays.

13. Mommy went back to work, Madison started day care and had her first trip to the emergency room.

Here's to making 2014 just as wonderful!

Christmas 2013 {Madison's First Christmas}

We had such a wonderful Christmas week with Madison and our family!  Even though Madison won't remember her first Christmas, it was a very special day for us.  Eric was off from Wednesday to Sunday of last week, so it was nice to have some extra time to spend with home. 

On Christmas Eve, we went to my parents house for dinner to see my grandparents.  We had such a nice evening eating dinner and dessert, opening presents and playing with Madison. Madison also rolled from her stomach to her back for the 1st time on Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning, Eric, Madison and I were at our house.  Eric and I woke up before Madison so Eric cooked breakfast.  After breakfast, we opened presents.  Madison was a very good girl this year...she has quite the toy collection now!  We stayed home and enjoyed time with our little family of 3 until the afternoon.  Then we went to my parents house for Christmas dinner and more presents.  My parents went above and beyond with Madison's gifts!  Madison got so many books from different people and that makes my teacher heart so happy!  She loves to look at her books.

Friday, December 27th, was my niece Tegan's 8th birthday!  This little one is such a special girl to us!  She is sweet, kind hearted and loves Madison.  We celebrated her birthday throughout the day and then spent the night at Michael and Heather's house. 

This is a picture of Tegan and Madison- both only a couple days old.  It is amazing to me some of the similarities in their eyes, nose, chin and lips!

Saturday continued the Christmas celebrations!  Eric and I went to go meet our family friend (also my 1st grade teacher) Mrs. Miller at Starbucks so she could see Madison and give her a Christmas present.  She gave Madison the most beautiful book and soft rubber blocks.  That afternoon, we had Christmas with Eric's family and ate dinner before heading back home. We had such a nice 2 days staying with Michael and Heather. It is going to be so fun to watch Madison with her cousins as they all grow up.


We had so much fun celebrating Christmas this year!  I know next year will be a new adventure since Madison will be even more aware of what is going on. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Konesheck's!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We are so excited to celebrate with Madison and my family. We will continue the celebration this week with Tegan's 8 th birthday on Friday and our Konesheck Christmas on Saturday. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 21st

Today is a special day for us...one of the few good things about going through fertility treatments is that we know that this day last year was the day I got pregnant with Madison! On December 21, 2012 Eric and I went to the doctor that morning, went to work and then headed out to Dallas that night for the weekend. We went to Dallas to watch our high school, Katy High School, play for the state football championship. After 13 months, we both had a feeling that we were going to be pregnant that month. 

Now, a year later to the day, we are back in Dallas for Katy to play in the state championship game. But this year we have an extra member to our family! Madison, Lolli and I will be cheering from the warm hotel room while my Dad and Eric go to the game. 

For those who may not fully understand Texas football, especially Katy High School football, here is a nice article from the Dallas News this morning. 

Most people would think it is crazy to drive 5 hours 3 days before Christmas to watch a high school football game...but it's normal when you are from Katy. ;)

Friday, December 20, 2013

{Five on Friday}

Happy Friday friends! Today is a great Friday because it's the last day of school before Christmas break!

1. Madison had her first sickness this week. She started with a stuffy nose last weekend. She then somehow caught a little stomach bug. We had our first experience with projectile vomiting. Poor baby was so pitiful! After throwing up twice and some very dirty diapers, we started to notice she wasn't having any wet diapers Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning, I called the doctors office. Since she hadn't had a wet diaper in 18 hours, they wanted her to go to the ER to get checked out. After a very long day for Eric and my Dad, the doctor said she checked out fine. Thankfully, she is doing great now!

Around 2pm Eric sent me the best picture of the week...a blue line for a wet diaper!!

2. At school on Thursday, our team had a Christmas breakfast and a white elephant gift exchange. It was so fun! The gifts were hilarious. After we were done, we used the gifts as door prizes for teachers who correctly answered trivia questions throughout the day. The lucky winners got some great prizes. ;)

3. Thursday was also a fun day for Madison...here first school party! Eric went with her this morning while she got to visit Santa. Her class also had a book exchange. She also got a book from her teachers and they gave us some cookies. Her teachers are so sweet! Her picture with Santa is on the camera and I'm laying in bed...pics to come at a later time. 

4. I am so excited for Christmas morning! Even though Madison won't remember her first Christmas, I can't wait to open her presents with her and watch her play with her new toys. 

5. Today is pajama day at school so I'm going to go change from my pajamas into new pajamas!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sick Little Girl

We officially have our first baby sickness... Madison made it 15 weeks without being sick. She started having some congestion on Friday, along with pretty much everyone else around here. Gotta love the Texas weather! We did saline drops, nose aspirator and a humidifier this weekend. Sunday night she woke up around 4am very congested.  I fed her and she went back to sleep until 7:30 when Eric had to take her to school. She wasn't impressed...

Monday night, Eric was up with her from 2:30-3:30. Finally I decided to feed her to see if that would help her go back to sleep. About 5 minutes after she finished, she projectile vomited everywhere...all over me, her, the boppy, the couch, blanket...everything. Into the bath she went! I thought maybe she ate too fast and was congested. She fell back asleep until 8 am. Eric sent me this picture before he left to bring her to school. Her face cracks me up!

She went to daycare on Tuesday and had a good day. She slept more than usual, but no fever or throwing up. As we were leaving daycare in the afternoon, we were standing on the side walk waiting for a car to leave. Madison started throwing up again. I was trying to catch it with her blanket, but it was pretty much a lost cause. 

When we got home, she went straight to the bathtub again. She loved getting to lay in her bath while I poured water on her. She has been pretty puny this evening. We talked to the pediatrician nurse and she said to try Pedialite and monitor her diapers. As of 10:00pm, no wet diaper in 6 hours and she won't take any Pedialite. 

5am update: Little miss slept all night. She fussed for a minute around 2, but fell back asleep quickly. Not sure if she has had a wet diaper,  but she may be staying with Daddy for the day! Poor baby girl is breaking my heart. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends! I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is Friday. I can't wait to love on my baby girl all weekend long. I may not put her down... just hold her all weekend.

One. This has been a hard week for me. It was my full first week of working. I love being back at work and while I'm at work I'm having a great day and enjoying all the people that I work with. But I sure am missing my little girl. We are having to find our new normal and get used to not getting to spend as much time together as usual.

Two. Here's Madison on her first day of school! Wednesday they made reindeer with paint and their foot prints. Thursday was Polar Express pajama day. It has been a great first week!

She has been so worn out each day!

Three. As hard as this week has been, there have been some really great things that have happened also. Wednesday night we went to go visit Santa Claus at the mall. It was kind of a last-minute decision but it turned out to be very good. Madison wasn't scared at all and went right into Santa's arms. She even gave us some good looks for pictures. She was so cute and we will always love her first picture with Santa.

Four.  Last weekend I found the Bread Pudding Community Coffee I had been looking for. I was a little unsure what it would taste like, but the box said brown sugar and caramel...I knew it had to be good! This flavor is only for a limited time, but I hope it becomes permanent. 

Five. We have a small Christmas tree in our bedroom and I love it! Every night l look forward to laying in bed with the Christmas tree lights on. 

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