Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sick Little Girl

We officially have our first baby sickness... Madison made it 15 weeks without being sick. She started having some congestion on Friday, along with pretty much everyone else around here. Gotta love the Texas weather! We did saline drops, nose aspirator and a humidifier this weekend. Sunday night she woke up around 4am very congested.  I fed her and she went back to sleep until 7:30 when Eric had to take her to school. She wasn't impressed...

Monday night, Eric was up with her from 2:30-3:30. Finally I decided to feed her to see if that would help her go back to sleep. About 5 minutes after she finished, she projectile vomited everywhere...all over me, her, the boppy, the couch, blanket...everything. Into the bath she went! I thought maybe she ate too fast and was congested. She fell back asleep until 8 am. Eric sent me this picture before he left to bring her to school. Her face cracks me up!

She went to daycare on Tuesday and had a good day. She slept more than usual, but no fever or throwing up. As we were leaving daycare in the afternoon, we were standing on the side walk waiting for a car to leave. Madison started throwing up again. I was trying to catch it with her blanket, but it was pretty much a lost cause. 

When we got home, she went straight to the bathtub again. She loved getting to lay in her bath while I poured water on her. She has been pretty puny this evening. We talked to the pediatrician nurse and she said to try Pedialite and monitor her diapers. As of 10:00pm, no wet diaper in 6 hours and she won't take any Pedialite. 

5am update: Little miss slept all night. She fussed for a minute around 2, but fell back asleep quickly. Not sure if she has had a wet diaper,  but she may be staying with Daddy for the day! Poor baby girl is breaking my heart. 


  1. Poor baby! This Texas weather is hard for me and I'm 27! I'm sure it's extra hard on a baby.

  2. Poor baby girl! :( A sick baby is just the worst feeling. I hope she feels better very soon!

  3. I hope she feels better very soon! she may be too young for this but the only way my daughter would take pedalyte when sick is as ice cubes/Popsicles. happy thoughts!


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