Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little pumpkin! 

In true Madison form, she has 2 costumes to wear for Halloween. During the day, she will be SuperGirl in her Superman tutu outfit from Aunt Kay Kay. 

At night, she will be Minnie Mouse. 

We didn't intend to have her wear a Disney costume 2 years in a row, but the selection is slim for babies, especially when you never know what the Texas weather will be like for Halloween. Last year, she was Cinderella at 7 weeks old. 

Madison has a party at school today and I signed up to bring treat bags. We made "Monster Mix" for her class. We tried to fill it with snacks that 12-18 month olds could eat, with some M&M's thrown in for the parents to munch on. 

Earlier this week, they painted pumpkins at school! It looks like Madison wasn't too sure what to think. 

We are planning to go to Leslie's house tonight to eat dinner and do some trick or treating. Happy Halloween to all the little pumpkins!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Jam Jams

Halloween has never been a favorite holiday of mine, but it's growing on me now that we are parents. Madison is having a Halloween party at school on Friday and then we will be trick or treating Friday night. 

I had seen tons of cute Halloween pajamas online, but couldn't justify spending money on pajamas Madison would only wear for a month. However, Madison got a pair of Minnie Mouse Halloween pajamas for her birthday from Mrs. Miller that changed my mind. She looks so adorable! I have been trying for a month now to get some cute pictures of her, but she doesn't slow down too much these days. 

Madison's testing out her new stamps from Aunt Katie. 

Happy Halloween to all the little pumpkins!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Last weekend, we took Madison to the pumpkin patch. She had such a fun time! She loved touching the pumpkins.  We are planning to take her again this weekend so she can play some more. 

Here is a comparrison pic from our pumpkin patch trip last October when we went for her 1 month birthday. 

We just love this little girl to pieces! She looked so grown up in her skinny jeans and ballet flats. 

Family Pictures

After Madison's birthday, we took family pictures. This was the first time we took professional family pictures since Madison's newborn pictures. These 2 pictures were taken 1 day less than a year apart. My how our sweet girl has grown!

After a couple days a heavy rain, we were lucky enough to have a rare, cool, September day for our pictures. Even though it was overcast and Madison wasn't feeling 100%, we were so happy with how the pictures turned out. 

This rocking chair has been in our family for MANY years.  It was so sweet to see Madison rocking in it.

Towards the end, our photographer captured a few sweet moments of Madison with Lolli and Pops.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday friends! It has been a wild and crazy few weeks in the Konesheck house! I feel like we are still catching up after Madison's 1st birthday. There is a pile of decorations on the table, I still haven't finished her thank you notes and there is a Mylar balloon that is somehow still floating. 

Two weeks ago, we headed to Austin for the weekend to celebrate Cainan, Brennin and Westin's birthday! Cainan turned 6 and the twins turned 2. Their birthday are all on the same day, so we had one big Ninja Turtle celebration!

The weekend started out with a twist. I took Madison to her 1 year checkup that Friday afternoon and she ended up having a double ear infection! We had no idea that her ears were bothering her. Between her ears and getting 4 shots, she definitely didn't feel good and fought a fever all weekend. She was such a trooper and we definitely enjoyed all the extra cuddles. 

I stayed home with her on Monday to giver her fever one more day to lower. I woke up with a sore throat, but chalked it up to allergies. By that afternoon, I had a suspicion that I might have strep throat. I went to urgent care that evening and sure enough, I had strep. If you have never had strep, you are lucky! It is the most unbelievable pain not only inside your throat, but my neck, teeth, shoulders, jaw and glands were extremely painful. After 3 days of no relieve, even from prescription pain pills, I went back to the dr and got a new antibiotic. Thankfully, I felt so much better by Saturday. Madison enjoyed wrecking havoc in her room and getting to spend some extra time with Lolli after school while I wasn't feeling well. ;)

After all this craziness, Madison had a reaction to her antibiotic this week and has been covered in "polka dots" as the twins say. 

We are all looking forward to the weekend, especially the cool front!  Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. Madison is so quick these days that I can barely get a picture that isn't a blur. She is starting to stand up without holding on and walking with her push you and baby stroller. I just love her to pieces!

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