Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Madison's 2 Month Birthday!

Madison– We have had such a fun month with you!  You are starting to change so much.  We love your sweet smiles and how excited you get when you see Mommy and Daddy.  We love you baby girl!

Date: November 6, 2013

Weight: You weigh 11 pounds!  We weighed you on the cat scale at MoMo’s vet clinic.  You are still such a skinny little girl! You wear 0-3 month clothes and are moving into size 2 diapers.

Sleeping: Overall, you are a good sleeper.  You go to bed between 9pm & 10pm, wake up to eat at 1:45, then sleep until 6am.  The night before your 2 month birthday, you slept through the night for the first time!  You slept from 11:30pm-6am…...Mommy & Daddy were so excited! You also started sleeping in your pack & play this month. All of a sudden you decided you didn't like to sleep in your rocker.

Eating: You are still such a good eater!  You usually eat every 3 hours, but are starting to have some 3.5-4 hour stretches. 

Milestones: We love your sweet smiles! Nothing melts our hearts more than a Madison smile. You are much more alert. You love looking at the ceiling fans & looking out the window in the car.  You just started sitting in your Bumbo chair & love it!  You look like such a big girl!  You are also starting to grab things, such as your blankets & Wubbanub pacifier. You love your bath!  You get so excited to have the water poured on you. 

Special Moments: We went to visit Galveston and Kemah for the 1st time. We celebrated Pop’s birthday and you were Cinderella for Halloween.  Katie also came to visit us all the way from NYC.



  1. Happy 2 months Madison!!! I love all of these pictures, but I especially love the one of her with your mom! SO sweet!! I wish we lived closer so I could meet her soon!! I can tell what a wonderful mommy you are! :)

  2. So sweet. Love all of her little hair bows!! Doesn't it go by so fast?!

  3. How cute are those pictures! Happy 2 months


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