Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 of 2011

What a year 2011 has been!  I don't think there has ever been a year that has gone by so fast.  Looking back at last year, Eric and I decided to stay home for New Year's Eve.  He cooked dinner and I think we were in bed by 9 watching Dick Clark's Rocking New Years Eve.  At that time, we had no idea of the many great things to come in 2011.  Here is our top 10 of 2011!

10. Spent tons of time with friends-old friends a new friends
9. Eric completed his last 2 rotations at St. Luke's and St. John's
8. Celebrated many birthdays, weddings and even a baby shower with great friends and family- both my parents turned 50!
7. Enjoyed lots of trips to the lake, Austin, Lake Charles and Dallas
6. I was selected as Greene Elementary's Teacher of the Year
5. I graduated in May from UHCL with my Master's in Educational Management
4. I got a job as an assistant principal at Ward Elementary
3. Eric got a job at St. John's Sport's Medicine
2. Eric graduated in August from UTMB with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy
1. We started building our house!

What a year it has been! I have a weird thing about not liking odd numbered years as much as even years...I think 2011 may have changed my mind on that =) We are looking forward to the great things to come in 2012.  Hopefully you will have a great 2012 too!

Christmas 2011

It is hard to believe that the Christmas season has already come and gone.  November and December are my favorite times of year.  I love the fall/Thanksgiving time and the excitement of Christmas.  This Christmas was the first in a few years that my parents, Eric and I, and the Konesheck's were all home, in Katy, for Christmas.  Eric and I had a great few days celebrating with everyone and getting to spend time with family. 

On Christmas Eve, Tegan and Cainan came over to my parents house.  We baked cupcakes and gave them their presents.  They are so cute and we all had a great time!  That afternoon, Eric, my parents and I went out to the Cy Fair area where they are building a house that is the same floor plan as ours.  It was our first time to see the actual floor plan...and we loved it even more! 

Christmas Eve night, Eric and I went to church with Michael and Heather.  Tegan hugged on me for about half the service...melted my heart!  After church, we went to dinner with my parents and Eric's parents at Hasta La Pasta.  It was such a nice dinner.  The last time we all went there together was the night we did the tasting for our wedding. 

Christmas Day we opened presents with my parents in the morning.  They are always so generous with their gifts for us.  This year, everyone got us things we can use when we get in the house.  That afternoon, we went to the Konesheck's for lunch and the gift exchange.  Last year we started doing a gift swap between the Konesheck's and the Euers.  It is always fun and nice to see the Euers side of the family. 

2011 was a wonderful year for Eric and I.  So many wonderful things happened in our life's.  We can't wait for all the exciting things that 2012 has in store for us!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Design Center

A couple weeks after we signed papers to build our house, we went to the Perry Design Center to choose our options for the house.  This was such an exciting day!  Eric and I actually agreed on almost everything, so we didn't get in a fight at all!  I figured there would be some disagreements along the way, but it was smooth sailing! After the design center, we met my parents at Pappasitos for a celebratory dinner!  Here are some pictures of the options we chose. 

 Cabinets and Tile

 With better lighting

  Bathroom light fixture

 Lighting for dining room

  Outdoor lighting

  I'm in LOVE with our front door!

  Stove and range

 Microwave...with me in the reflection

  Kitchen faucet

  Backsplash- this is also close to our granite and cabinets

 Our brick and stone color

 All of our choices put together

House Hunters: Clear Lake Edition

Eric and I are officially house builders!  I keep saying we are home owners, but Eric and all his "technical terminology" quickly corrects me =)  I wish I could say that our hunt for a house could be summed up into a 30 minute tv episode, but that is not the case!  Eric and I are are too practical/analytical/indecisive to make a quick decision.  We started "just driving around to look at houses" in September, but that quickly took a turn towards us getting pretty serious about looking at houses.  It seems like every weekend we were driving around neighborhoods, going into models, looking at resale and open houses.  Around the end of October, I knew which house I wanted, but Eric was not fully sold yet. He finally reached that point a few weeks later. 

 After many, many long days of searching, we decided to build a Perry House in Westover Park in League City! We had both liked Perry for a longtime, but never thought that we would be able to build a house. let alone the Perry home that we loved!  The weekend after Thanksgiving, we went and signed papers to officially start building our home!  The day the sold sign went up was the day it felt real.  We have been driving by VERY often...almost see if there is any progress.  We just found out yesterday that the first official day of construction will be December 27th. 

   We both are in love with the floor plan, the choices of interior and exterior things and our lot.  We are looking forward to filling our home with many memories in the years to come!

Here are some links to check out a little more about our house:

Perry Homes-Floorplan Our floorplan is the 2952W in case the link doesn't work
Westover Park- Neighborhood

A few pictures of the dirt we call our future home =)

 The front yard

  The back yard

 Our sold sign
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