Friday, December 20, 2013

{Five on Friday}

Happy Friday friends! Today is a great Friday because it's the last day of school before Christmas break!

1. Madison had her first sickness this week. She started with a stuffy nose last weekend. She then somehow caught a little stomach bug. We had our first experience with projectile vomiting. Poor baby was so pitiful! After throwing up twice and some very dirty diapers, we started to notice she wasn't having any wet diapers Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning, I called the doctors office. Since she hadn't had a wet diaper in 18 hours, they wanted her to go to the ER to get checked out. After a very long day for Eric and my Dad, the doctor said she checked out fine. Thankfully, she is doing great now!

Around 2pm Eric sent me the best picture of the week...a blue line for a wet diaper!!

2. At school on Thursday, our team had a Christmas breakfast and a white elephant gift exchange. It was so fun! The gifts were hilarious. After we were done, we used the gifts as door prizes for teachers who correctly answered trivia questions throughout the day. The lucky winners got some great prizes. ;)

3. Thursday was also a fun day for first school party! Eric went with her this morning while she got to visit Santa. Her class also had a book exchange. She also got a book from her teachers and they gave us some cookies. Her teachers are so sweet! Her picture with Santa is on the camera and I'm laying in to come at a later time. 

4. I am so excited for Christmas morning! Even though Madison won't remember her first Christmas, I can't wait to open her presents with her and watch her play with her new toys. 

5. Today is pajama day at school so I'm going to go change from my pajamas into new pajamas!


  1. Stopping in from the link up!

    Glad she's feeling better. Having a sick little one is the worst!

    Have a great first Christmas with her! We're having ours with our little one too!

  2. Yay for your little's first Christmas. She may not remember it but you will never forget!

  3. Poor thing getting sick, but she looks on the mend for sure! Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Poor kiddo! She looks so sad :( Glad she is feeling better, it's so frustrating. When Mike got RSV a few weeks ago I just wanted to explain to him that if he would just wipe his nose, things would be so much easier for him.

  5. Those first pictures broke my heart.


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