Thursday, January 29, 2015

Friday Favorites

Oh this girl...she continues to make us laugh everyday. We have definitely entered a new stage with Madison being able to understand more, communicate better and continuing to develop her own unique personality. 

1. Last Sunday, Eric and Madison went grocery shopping. Eric sent me this picture of Madison and Minnie as they left. 

2.  Books are still Madison's chosen activity! We read at least 20 books a night, no lie. 

3. Apparently we have a 16 year old...she's killing me with her crossed legs!

4. Selfies with my best girl. 

5.  I was so thankful to capture this rare moment of Madison being still. We enjoyed a slow Saturday morning last weekend. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Madison 12-16 Months

It has been a while since we have done a Madison update, so I want to recap her 12 to 16 months.  All of a sudden since she turned 16 months it has seem like she has taken off with her talking and learning. She no longer seems like a baby and we have officially crossed over into the toddler stage.  I have never worried about her getting older, because each new stage is something fun and exciting. But, it really hit me this past weekend that she is not a baby anymore.

             12 months to 16 months

             13, 14, 15 and 16 months

As I was picking pictures for this collage, I realized we have lots of pictures of Madison that are blurry or of her back because she is always moving! We also have lots of pictures with her pacifier or while she's eating...since it's the only time she is still. I notice a huge difference in the way she look from her 13 to 14 month picture. Over all, Madison didn't gain an ounce from her 12 month checkup to January 7th when she got her tubes. 

Motor skills: Madison's pediatrician told us that if she wasn't walking by 14 months, to come back to him. And true Madison fashion, she started walking on her 14 month birthday. She has become an excellent walker, almost running these days. She loves to do "fast feet" where she runs in place.  She tries to practice swinging a golf club like daddy and just started trying to overhand throw. She attempts to use a fork and spoon. Madison also likes to wipe her hands, face and table. 

Health: I have a feeling the next 4 months will be better health wise than the last 4 months. Poor Madison battled one ear infection after another the past 4 months. She had 6 right ear infections in 3.5 months. Her longest stint without being on antibiotics was 12 days. Each ear infection led to 10-14 days of antibiotics, which led to an upset tummy, which then led to terrible diaper rashes/yeast infections that had to be treated with prescription cream. Madison had tubes placed in her ears on January 7th, so we are hopeful that this will be the fix! 

Eating: Overall, Madison is still an excellent leader. She eats all of her breakfast, lunch and snacks at school. Dinnertime depends on the day. We are trying to cut back on her 5 o'clock snacks so that she will eat more dinner. We typically eat dinner between 5:30 and 6:30 each night.  She loves rice, beef fajita meat, beans, any kind of fruit, Cheerios, goldfish, and her new thing is anything that she can dip her food in. Ketchup and salsa seem to be her favorites.  

Playing: Madison would rather read a book than play with toys any day of the week. We read at least 20 books a joke! Madison has become interested in baby dolls and stuffed animals lately. She also loves her push toys and riding toys. She loves to go outside, ride in her pink car and swing.  Bath time is a favorite playtime too!

Sleeping: We are forever thankful that Madison is a good sleeper. She goes to bed around 8:00 PM each night and sleeps until 7:00 AM on schools days and 7:30 on the weekends. She takes 1 nap a day, for about 2 hours. 

Talking: Madison has taken off with her talking! I need to start writing down all the new words she is saying. She is started to mimic our words and phrases more
often. Some of the words and phrases she is saying include: mom, dad, eat, all done, hold this, Wubbie, night night, puppy, dog, cat, cow, bath, duck, moo, quack, meow, puffs, pouch (food pouch), Lolli, Pops, Nana, MowMow, PawPaw, TayTay, KayKay, nose, ears, mouth, hair, bow, water, milk, juice, outside, up, open, bye bye, hi, baby, boo, shoes, socks, boots, book, bus, row, boat, shhh, diaper, pillow and yellow. 

Celebrations and Events: We have been busy! We celebrated Cainan, Brennin and Westin's birthday in Austin. We also celebrated Pop's, GiGi, MowMow and PawPaw's birthdays. We celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We went to Austin, Dallas and Colorado. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Madison's Ears

On January 7th, Madison had a procedure to get ear tubes placed. I wasn't actually nervous at all. I was so hopeful that this would be the answer to get her ears some relief. Overall, Madison has been a very healthy baby. Her ear issues started on September 19th when we went for her 1 year check up. She ended up having a double ear infection. Since then, she has had a total of 6 right ear infections in 3 months. We got into this terrible cycle of as soon as she stopped her antibiotic, she would get another ear infection. Our record for the longest span without antibiotics was 12 days, which was so hard on Madison's stomach. Every time she was on antibiotics, she would get a terrible yeast infection diaper rash. 

We went to visit a pediatric ENT on December 12th. They did a hearing test and thankfully, her hearing was perfect. She did have negative pressure in her ears, which indicates her ears are not processing fluid effectively. We decided to have the tubes placed. 

We arrived bright and early in the morning at Texas Childrens Hospital. What an amazing hospital! Everything is child centered. The nurse who took the vitals blew bubbles the whole time to keep Madison's attention. There was a huge play room, wagons and bikes to ride in, movies to watch, etc. 

While we were waiting in pre-op, Madison feel asleep. She was asleep when the anesthesiologist took her back. She was able to wear her own pajamas and take her Wubbie and blanket with her. 

The whole procedure only took 15 minutes. Eric and I were in post op while she was waking up. I got a little choked  up when we walked back and I saw her with an IV and heart monitors. She did a great job waking up and sucked down 2 glasses of Apple juice.  The only thing Madison didn't like was the blood pressure cuff on her leg. As soon as that came off, she really perked up.  After about an hour, we were ready to go home! We met Lolli and Pops in the waiting room and headed home. We stopped to get some lunch on the way home. Madison only ate breadsticks and French fries. She could have had whatever she wanted at that point! She took a 4 hour nap when we got home, but otherwise she was her happy, playful, normal self!

Here's to hoping this is an answer to our prayers and Madison's ears will be back to normal. 
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