Wednesday, July 17, 2013

30 & 31 Weeks

July 4 & 11, 2013

Baby news: Our baby girl is 16.25 inches and 3.3 pounds!

How far along? 31 weeks- I got behind, so this post will cover 2 weeks. 

Total weight gain/loss: 12 pounds. Mama and baby had a growth spurt this week! I woke up on Monday of week 31 and noticed that I grew overnight.

Sleep: I remember last summer when Leslie was pregnant, she would tell me about the variety of hours that she was up at night. I have officially hit that point! I can only sleep for about an hour before I wake up. I usually sleep from about 1am- 7am. I am hoping that when I go back to work I will be more worn out and sleep better. 

 I am very sad that my good sleep seems to come to an end. I have been having lots of pain in my pelvic bones and ligaments in my lower stomach. As silly as it sounds, rolling over at night almost brings me to tears. 

Best moment this week: We have had lots of fun moments the past 2 weeks. Michael, Heather and the kids came out for 4th of July weekend. We had a great time hanging out with them and loving on the kids. On July 4th, Eric and I celebrated 15 years of dating. We started dating when we were going into 9th grade, on July 4, 1998. Eric asked me that morning if I ever thought we would have been together 15 years before we had a baby...I very firmly told him NO! It has been a wonderful 15 years and I can't imagine spending it with anyone else. 

We also went for our 3D ultrasound this week. At first, Madison wasn't cooperating. She had her hands and a foot in front of her face. After so coercing, she finally moved and we got some good pictures. We did find out she was breech, so here's to hoping she decides to turn! I'm lucky enough to get to feel Madison move all the time. I think the 3D ultrasound really made things real for Eric. He goes to look at the pictures on the fridge all the time. He was so excited afterwards that we went to his office so he could show people the pictures. 

That night, Eric and I had our first "prepared childbirth" class. It is at St. John's, where I will deliver. There is only one other couple in the class, so it is nice to have a small group. Next week we get to tour the labor and delivery floor. 

Cravings: Not many cravings. I am starting to get full so fast. I will barely eat anything and then I am too full to eat anymore. 

Movement: This is by far my favorite part of being pregnant! I am starting to feel some big rolls, elbows across the belly and even an arm to the rib. Madison likes to hang out on my left side, with her head right below my ribs. I found out at the ultrasound that my placenta is right there, which she likes to use as a pillow. 

Wedding rings: Still on, I think my excessive water drinking is paying off!

Mood: I have been feeling good and enjoying my summer routine. It has been nice to have extra time to relax, see friends and do things with my mom during the day. Unfortunately, next week is my last week of summer.

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to going back to work because I know the days will pass quickly. It's always exciting at the beginning of the year to make plans and goals for the year. I got a lot done at the end of the year to prepare for next year, but I will be spending the first 5 weeks back at work getting things prepared for when I go on maternity leave. 

Anything Else?? Here are some pictures from our last couple weeks!

 Tegan and Cainan spent the first night at my parents house. They were enjoying breakfast before Cainan went to play golf. 

  Brennin exploring the house. 

  The only thing cuter than a baby in pajamas is 2 babies in pajamas! Westin loves the phone camera. 

  Brennin had to crawl under every table in our house. 

  Westin got to try out the crib! I told him I would save this picture to show his future girlfriends. 

  We had lunch at Firehouse subs. The kids said we need to bring Uncle Keith to eat there. 

 15 years of dating and 30 weeks of pregnancy!

  Here are some ultrasound pictures!  They aren't the greatest pictures because they are a picture of the picture. I can't get over her cheeks and mouth! 

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