Friday, March 28, 2014

{Five on Friday}

Happy Friday friends! I am very happy it's Friday, but that means we are one day closer to STAAR testing on Tuesday. Here's to being very productive and intentional with my time at work today! 

1. Madison wasn't feeling well this week and had her first fever. She was congested all weekend, but still her happy self. After lunch on Monday, Eric got a call from the daycare saying that Madiosn had a 103 degree fever, so he went to pick her up. Even with a fever and not feeling well, she smiled as soon as I saw her in the afternoon. 

2. Eric and I were so thankful to have help from my parents this week! Madison was supposed to get her 6 month shots on Tuesday and was going to stay home with my dad that day. Instead, he stayed with her since she had a fever. They had a great day and he took good care of her. Thursday afternoon, my mom picked Madison up from school while I was working at the job fair for our district. We are so thankful to have my parents close by and to have their help with Madiosn. I don't think they mind. :)

3. This month is considered my "busy season" at work. We have state testing in April, which I am in charge of coordinating as the assistant principal. I have been working like crazy to get everything prepared the past few weeks and I am tired! I have been working on 5-6 hours of sleep each night. I can't wait until Monday night when I know everything is ready to go and I can take a deep breath. 

4. All of a sudden, I feel like Madison is changing and looks very grown up! She isn't officially sitting up, but she sure practices! 

5. April is going to be a very full month for us! We are celebrating Eric's 30th birthday, his younger brothers wedding, my school carnival, Easter, 4 days of state testing, a wedding shower and Michael & Heather moving to Austin. Through all the events, I am looking forward to time with family and many firsts for Madison. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finger Painting with Sweet Potatoes

Yesterday afternoon, Madison and I were enjoying some time in the back yard when we got home from school. We are in a nice time of year where it isn't too cold in the afternoons, but the hot weather isn't here yet. Madison has become obsessed with the grass lately because it is still crunchy from the winter dryness. Instead of sitting in the grass yesterday, we sat on the patio and she played with her "baby IPad" that plays music. 

When it started to get cool, we went inside to take a bath and feed Madison dinner. After her bath, I had the back door open while I was feeding Madison dinner. All of a sudden, I saw a rat, not a mouse, run along the back fence. I jumped up and ran to the door to see where it went. It went to the back corner of our yard and I couldn't see it after that. I quickly shut the door and turned around to Madison. When I turned around, this is what I saw:

Madison grabbed the baby food container and tipped it over. I am quickly learning how fast babies are...I only left her for 15 seconds! Doing what any good mom would do, I grabbed my phone to take a picture. Her pajama sleeve was already a mess and she had sweet potatoes in her hair, so another bath was a given. Since she needed another bath, I let her play for a few minutes and she loved it!

Lesson learned: Don't give a baby a bath BEFORE dinner. I am also convinced there is a nest of rat babies living in the corner of our yard. Eric will definitely be checking that out this weekend. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

{Five on Friday: Spring Break}

Happy Friday friends! I have been home this week for Spring Break and have loved every minute of it! It is amazing how quickly I have forgotten what it is like to be home with Madison and how busy the days can be. This Five on Friday is all about our Spring Break adventures!

1. We spent time with my family, celebrating birthdays and our 6 year anniversary. 

2. We relaxed at home. 

3. We went for walks. 

4. We shopped for goodies. 

5. We played outside. 

The weather this week was beautiful! Madison loves being outside, so we took full advantage of it. By the time summer gets here, it will be too hot to enjoy being outside, so I see lots of pool days in our future! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

{Five on Friday}

Happy Friday friends!  It was an exciting week in our house because Madison celebrated her 6 month birthday! 
1. My girl is 6 months old!  We celebrated the big day on Thursday.  By celebrating...I mean she slept until 7:50, got to wear her fancy Ruffle Butts pants to school and moved to Stage 2 baby food for dinner.  It was a big day for Madison!

Here are the links to her monthly birthday posts:

 2. Last weekend we took some picture of Madison in the back yard.  I am so happy with the way the pictures turned out!  In most of the pictures it looks like she is sweetly looking off into the sunset.  In reality, she was watching Eric cook hamburgers and any time he walked somewhere, she followed him.

3. Tomorrow is the beginning of Spring Break!  Madison and I are looking forward to a week of playing, sleeping in and spending time in our pajamas while watching the Today Show.  My aunt and uncle are coming in town today from Dallas.  We are looking forward to spending time with them and my grandparents for the first part of the week.

Usually the time from January to March seems to go by slow, but this year it has flown by!  I can't believe that I have already been back at work for 11 weeks since maternity leave, close to the amount of time I was home with Madison.  I am sure the rest of the school year will fly by also.  Even though March-June is stressful with state testing, it is a fun time of year at an elementary school. 

4.  Last Friday was Mardi Gras day at Madison's school.  Of course she had to participate in style!  I bought a plain purple onesie and hot glued Mardi Gras beads to the neck.  She looked adorable and was apparently the talk of the school!  When Eric picked her up that afternoon, the teachers said people kept coming by to see her because people were talking about her cute outfit.  I think she looked adorable, but I'm pretty partial to her.

5. Tomorrow, Eric and I will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary!  We are planning to go to dinner on Sunday while my family watches Madison.  We haven't been to dinner just the two of us since November, so we are excited to go to dinner and see what else we decide to do.  Last year, we celebrated our 5th anniversary in Disney World with Eric's family.  This was also the day we announced that we were pregnant by taking a picture in front of Cinderella's's not official until it's Facebook official! ;)  I was 13 weeks pregnant the day we got to Disney and felt amazing the entire trip.  It is hard to believe that the little bean in my belly is now Madison!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Madison's 6 Month Birthday


Happy 6 month birthday to our sweet little lady!  This seems like such a milestone, for both Madison and us.  One year ago this week, on our anniversary, we announced that we were pregnant in front of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World.  Here we are a year later with this amazing, innocent, happy girl in our lives.  She has forever changed our lives for the better and each day is a new adventure. I am so excited to spend the next week at home with Madison during Spring Break.

Madison– Happy 6 month birthday baby girl!  The past 6 months have been the best 6 months of our lives.   We love to hear you giggle with excitement.  Your smile lights up the room and we love to give you kisses all day long.  We love you so much!
Date: March 6, 2014
Weight: We won’t know your exact weight until next week, but you are most likely close to 17 pounds.   You are wearing 3-6 month clothes, but  close to moving into 6-9 month. You are still in size 2 diapers., but close to size 3.
Sleeping: You love to sleep!  we lay you in your bed when you are awake & you will watch your music box before you fall asleep.  You love to sleep on your stomach and have your Wubbie close by. You will easily sleep from 8pm to 7am.  If you wake up earlier, we put you on your back, turn on your music and you will go right back to sleep!
Eating: You have expanded your variety baby food this month! You are eating rice cereal for breakfast, stage 1 food for lunch and dinner, along with 6oz of milk 4 times a day.  You love bananas, carrots and sweet potatoes!
Milestones: You are rolling all over the place!  We will put you on the floor and you will roll multiple times at once.  You have also started to use your arms to spin different directions.  You are great at reaching for objects on the floor and attempting to scoot forward.  You are beginning to pull your legs underneath you and have tried to get on all four’s some. Your favorite toys are the Exersaucer, rings, teether toy and your singing animal book,
Special Moments: This month we celebrated Valentine’s Day!  You brought baby food valentine’s for your friends at school.  You also wore a special outfit with beads for Mardi Gras day at school.  We went to Kemah, you visited Mommy’s school and your cousins had a slumber party at our house! 


Here are Madison's past 6 months:
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