Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{These are a Few of My Favorite Things}


 I remember when I was younger watching the Oprah Favorite Things episode each year.  She always gave away the most unique things each year.  Now, Ellen does the 12 Day of Christmas, which is also full of wonderful surprises.  I have been trying to get a jump of Christmas shopping this year since I am on maternity leave until the beginning of December.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around Christmas shopping, but slowly making some progress.  Eric and I have been trying to brainstorm a few things to get Madison. She loves anything with music or lights!

       Eric and I have never been big on giving gifts to each other, but it is always fun to have a few little surprises to open Christmas morning.  Sometimes we will get a big item we have been wanting, like a camera, or we will go on vacation for our Christmas present.  This year, we decided we would get each other a couple little things for Christmas so we have a surprise that morning, but our gift to each other is going to be going out to a nice dinner somewhere and having a date night after Christmas.  Now we just need a babysitter...hint hint...mom and dad. ;)

Cheers Ya'll, one of the blogs that I read, is doing a link-up for readers to share some of their favorite things, so I thought this would be a great way to get some Christmas ideas!  Here are a few of my favorite things right now.

1. Old Navy ballet flats- Surprisingly very comfortable!  I have bought 3 pair this year.

2.  Old Navy Crew Neck Cardigan- I guess it's my teacher side coming out, but I am a sucker for an Old Navy cardigan!  I love this mint green color.

3.  Alfani Tear Drop Earings- I have been liking tear drop earrings that I have been seeing lately and always need a pair of earrings to go with gold jewelry. 

4. Vera Bradley Large Duffel Bag- I don't have a good bag to take for an over night trip, so this Vera Bradley bag would be great! I have 2 Vera Bradley diaper bags and love both of them.
5. James Avery Birth Charm- James Avery is a Texas jeweler who makes the most beautiful charms.  Eric had went there to get me a charm after Madison was born, but wanted to make sure it was what I wanted.  Here we are 10 weeks later and I still haven't told him what I want!  I think I finally decided, so I think this is what I will tell him I want for Christmas.

What are some of your favorite things you are looking at for Christmas?


  1. Oh my goodness those tear drop earrings are stunning! I'm a sucker for cardigans too, girl. They are simple, comfortable and can be a great pop of color. No shame in that!

  2. Isn't Old Navy the best?! I loved them when I was 12 and I still love them! Those earrings are totally adorable too - might need to update my list :)

  3. Old Navy is so affordable- love it- you've made my mind up to make a trip this weekend! haha thanks for sharing!

  4. Those earrings are just gorgeous!!! Love all your fun finds! Thanks for linking up with us today!!!

  5. Love the tear drop earrings! So pretty :)

  6. girlie...LOVE me some old navy too. it's just the best!
    thanks for linking up with us, sweet friend!
    hugs to you on this lovely tuesday!!!! xx

  7. I miss Oprah! Her favorite things episode was always my favorite of the year! I have a Vera Bradley duffle bag and let me tell you, they are so worth it!! I use mine all the time, everywhere I go. I'm not sure if you have a VB outlet anywhere near you but that is where I got mine for like 50% off!

  8. I'm a fellow cardigan hoarder! I don't think one can ever have enough. Those earrings are super pretty, too! I bet they would go with absolutely everything.


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