Thursday, January 23, 2014

{Five on Friday}

Happy Friday friends! Everyone in Houston is getting ready to hunker down for the "Polar Express"...meaning there is a possibility of a quarter inch of ice and snow. ;)

{One} As I'm writing this, we have a late start day tomorrow morning in anticipation of the possible ice that may develop overnight. I'm still hoping for the whole day off of school. I wouldn't mind having a pajama day with Madison. 

{Two} So, last Thursday night I made a trip to Toys R Us at 9pm in my mess express party of 1. Madison got the best little musical/interactive puppy toy for Christmas. She got 2 of the from different people, so my grandma Diane (GiGi to Madiosn) gave me the recipt so I could exchange Lilly the Puppy. While at Toys R Us, I started talking to a parent from my school who works there. I did the exchange and left. Fast forward to 8:45pm, I was unpacking my stuff from the day and realized that the person who rung me up didn't put the original receipt back in the bag. Knowing that there were tons of other Christmas presents on the receipt and that the store closed at 9:00pm, I grabbed my keys, ran out the front door and told Eric I would call him in the car. Thankfully Eric has gotten used to my crazy and doesn't really question it anymore. I made it back to the store about 5 minutes after they closed. I was able to flag down an employee and tell him what was going on. I found the parent from my school and got the receipt back...crisis averted! 

{Three} Confession time...the past 2 weeks have been very hard for me with balancing being a working mommy. I love going to work and enjoy what I do each day. I know Madison is having fun at school each and her teachers love her. But, when 4pm rolls around each day my anxiety starts to creep up and all I can think about is when I can go get Madison. When we get home, I want to spend the short amount of time I have playing with Madison, not worrying about washing bottles, cooking dinner etc. Eric and I run around like crazy at night and still never get everything done. I don't know that anyone really ever figures out how to balance work and being a mommy, but I am looking for advice! 

{Four} We had a wonderful time last weekend celebrating Leslie and Nana's birthdays. On Saturday, we went on a party boat out of Kemah for a surprise party for Leslie. It was a beautiful day, a wonderful day date for Eric and me, and a chance for us to catch up with friends. 

{Five} On Sunday, we went to Nana's house to celebrate in true Konesheck fashion...with about 25 people. We had a potluck lunch, ate on the front lawn in folding chairs & plastic tables and enjoyed time together. It was a day that will definitely be a special memory for a long time to come. It was the first time that any of Eric's extended family was able to meet Madison. She is the 13th great grandchild for Nana. We took a big picture of the family and it was really amazing to think about how all this wonderful family came about from Nana.

Of course there can't be a post without some pictures of Madison! Here's what she has been up to lately!


  1. So glad you got back and got the receipt! That was a close one.

    I think most women find the balance of mom/worker really hard. Hang in there.

    Stopping by from Joy's Friday Five!

  2. So wish that we would get some sort of freeze day or snow day here in FL, but that would never ever happen! Paisley has that little puppy and loves it! Hope you get a jammie day with Madison! Happy weekend!

  3. Madison is such a cute pie, stopping by from the blog hop! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. I died a little when you said "hot mess express" I'm definitely going to be using that phrase in the future! I wish we had some snow and a snow day here and there! Not much is better than spending a whole day in your pajamas with your baby!! Stay warm xo

  5. I hope you ended up getting the whole day! I teach in northwest Houston & got the call at 5 am this morning telling me not to come in.

  6. Madison is beautiful! That's crazy weather down in Houston! I'm sure you don't see ice very often at all.

  7. I just fond your blog. I just had a baby and are on maternity leave and I am having anxiety about going back :( I know when 4 pm hits I will want to leave and go get my sweet pea too....

  8. {visiting from the link up} The "sunburn & frostbite" pic is hilarious!! Your baby is a cutie :) Hope you & your family enjoy a great weekend!!

  9. oh my goodness. your muffin is so so cute! i'm a stay at home mom and run around like a wild woman all day long trying to get it done…so i don't know how a mom with a career could do it. just not enough hours. the best advice i can think of is save stuff for the weekend? guh. hang in there…i'm told it gets easier. :) found you via the linkup!

  10. Hi Sara! I just came across your blog and happy I found you! Congrats on your sweet baby girl, Madison. I love that name so much! I have a 14 month old daughter, Ava, that I stay home with. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi as your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by and follow along with our little family in south FL.

    All the Best,

    The McGuire Family


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