Friday, November 15, 2013

Five On Friday

Happy Friday friends!  It was such a beautiful week with the cooler weather!

1.  We went this week for Madison's 2 month well baby exam. She had to get 3 shots and was such a good girl. She cried, but was better in a few minutes. She weighs 11 lbs. 10 oz. (7 lbs. 9 oz. at birth), and is 22 3/4 inches long (20 in. at birth). The doctor said she is a month ahead of schedule for tracking with her eyes, as she can track vertically. We spent the next 2 days cuddling since she was a little under the weather from her shots, which I didn't mind one bit.

2.  We had our first "arctic front" this week! For Texas, that means it was a low of 35 degrees and 55 during the day. ;) Madison and I spent Wednesday having a pajama day and snuggling inside. This mommy doesn't do we'll with pajama days and had to get dressed at 2:00 because I was going crazy not feeling put together. Ever since the day Madison has been born I have gotten up and had to put on real clothes every makes me be able to function better....I guess I'm weird.

3.  Eric's parents came to visit on Sunday and we went to eat dinner at Bonefish. W hadn't been there, but it was delicious! Eric, his mom and I all got a stuffed tilapia that was amazing. The weather was beautiful, so we sat outside. Anyone who knows Eric knows this doesn't happen often. He is always worried birds and bugs will get his food. ;) Madison loved sitting outside and looking around, so maybe she will get him to start sitting outside more often. 

4. We have spent the week trying to figure out the swaddling situation with Madison. She thinks she doesn't need to be swaddled and constantly tries to wiggle out of her swaddle blankets, no matter how tight we do them. However, she needs to be swaddled because she sleeps so much better when she is wrapped up. We tried the ready made swaddled blankets, but the ones we had were too small. I went and bought 2 new types. The first one we tried, she got her arms out and spent the night flailing her arms around. She seems pretty proud of herself that she got her arms out, so that was hilarious to watch on the monitor. The next night, we tried the 2nd swaddler. She slept from 9pm- 3am!! I fed her at 3 and she went right back to sleep. Both times I put her down awake and she fell asleep...progress!! She is right on the cusp of sleeping through the night, so hopefully the swaddling will help her. 

Here is the reason why the blanket isn't working anymore for swaddling...

Snug as a bug in a rug!

5. On Thursday, we went to eat lunch with Tegan. We had so much fun seeing her and the boys. When we picked Cainan up from school, he was telling me about having a Thanksgiving feast at his house. Here she conversation that followed:

Me: Cainan, what do you think Eric and I should bring for Thanksgiving?
Cainan: Is crab a Thanksgiving food?
Me: Not really, but when you have a feast, you bring something you like to share with the other people at the feast. 
Cainan: What about lobster, is lobster a Thanksgiving food?
Me: no, usually people have turkey for Thanksgiving and sometimes ham. 
Cainan: Ok, you bring the turkey and I'll bring the ham. 

He is definitely his mommy and daddy's kid! To put this into perspective...he wanted to go eat sushi for his 5th birthday in September. Love that boy!



  1. Awww..poor baby girl. I hate when they have to get shots. I actually make my husband take care of that part!

  2. Hey Sara! Found you through Kelly's link up and we are also in the Houston area. You're little one is so, so precious. I'm with you on the pjs...I feel a mess if I don't get out of them at some point and get out of the house once...even if it's to get a diet coke at the drive through :) Love the Thanksgiving conversation...too cute! Anyways, have a great weekend! Now following via GFC :)

  3. you're little one is so sweet! so precious. bless!!!

  4. I dread the day we have to take Avery to get her first shots... and yes, I know that this is months away, but I'm already teary eyed thinking about it. So glad y'all got to snuggle up with the cooler weather this week and enjoy some mommy and daughter time!! What is your favorite brand of the swaddle blankets. We have registered for some at Babies R Us, but I think we registered for different ones. Love that conversation about the Thanksgiving day fest! Happy Friday, and thanks for linking up today!! Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Found your link through Kelly's Korner and I am in Houston too. I had the same problem with my son and he would bust out of the swaddlers. I finally found the Woombie ( and it was wonderful! I actually wished I could wear one because it looked so cozy!

  6. Hi! Fellow Texan dropping by from Kelly's Korner. :) (Funny enough, I know Laurie and Joy who commented above - what a small universe this blogging community really is!) Such a precious little princess you've got there!

  7. Haha I love your conversation about Thanksgiving food.

  8. Your daughter is precious. Welcome to motherhood. Found you through Kelly's Korner.

  9. Ahhh, I love Bonefish grill - so good!

  10. Found you through Kelly's Korner. Your daughter is precious! I have a baby girl, too. Aren't they fun?

  11. Hi Sara - thanks for stopping by my blog on Friday to say hello. I am returning the love! :) Your daughter is absolutely precious! I always hated taking my kids for their shots when they were young like that - it made me feel so bad for their pain. :( So nice to meet another "Houston" blogger! Maybe we can meet in person one day for coffee! The Thanksgiving convo is a riot - out of the mouths of babes! Have a great week ahead! :)


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