Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013 {Madison's First Christmas}

We had such a wonderful Christmas week with Madison and our family!  Even though Madison won't remember her first Christmas, it was a very special day for us.  Eric was off from Wednesday to Sunday of last week, so it was nice to have some extra time to spend with home. 

On Christmas Eve, we went to my parents house for dinner to see my grandparents.  We had such a nice evening eating dinner and dessert, opening presents and playing with Madison. Madison also rolled from her stomach to her back for the 1st time on Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning, Eric, Madison and I were at our house.  Eric and I woke up before Madison so Eric cooked breakfast.  After breakfast, we opened presents.  Madison was a very good girl this year...she has quite the toy collection now!  We stayed home and enjoyed time with our little family of 3 until the afternoon.  Then we went to my parents house for Christmas dinner and more presents.  My parents went above and beyond with Madison's gifts!  Madison got so many books from different people and that makes my teacher heart so happy!  She loves to look at her books.

Friday, December 27th, was my niece Tegan's 8th birthday!  This little one is such a special girl to us!  She is sweet, kind hearted and loves Madison.  We celebrated her birthday throughout the day and then spent the night at Michael and Heather's house. 

This is a picture of Tegan and Madison- both only a couple days old.  It is amazing to me some of the similarities in their eyes, nose, chin and lips!

Saturday continued the Christmas celebrations!  Eric and I went to go meet our family friend (also my 1st grade teacher) Mrs. Miller at Starbucks so she could see Madison and give her a Christmas present.  She gave Madison the most beautiful book and soft rubber blocks.  That afternoon, we had Christmas with Eric's family and ate dinner before heading back home. We had such a nice 2 days staying with Michael and Heather. It is going to be so fun to watch Madison with her cousins as they all grow up.


We had so much fun celebrating Christmas this year!  I know next year will be a new adventure since Madison will be even more aware of what is going on. 

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