Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 21st

Today is a special day for of the few good things about going through fertility treatments is that we know that this day last year was the day I got pregnant with Madison! On December 21, 2012 Eric and I went to the doctor that morning, went to work and then headed out to Dallas that night for the weekend. We went to Dallas to watch our high school, Katy High School, play for the state football championship. After 13 months, we both had a feeling that we were going to be pregnant that month. 

Now, a year later to the day, we are back in Dallas for Katy to play in the state championship game. But this year we have an extra member to our family! Madison, Lolli and I will be cheering from the warm hotel room while my Dad and Eric go to the game. 

For those who may not fully understand Texas football, especially Katy High School football, here is a nice article from the Dallas News this morning. 

Most people would think it is crazy to drive 5 hours 3 days before Christmas to watch a high school football game...but it's normal when you are from Katy. ;)

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  1. Your daughter is super cute!
    Aljonushka from faraway Belarus


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