Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finger Painting with Sweet Potatoes

Yesterday afternoon, Madison and I were enjoying some time in the back yard when we got home from school. We are in a nice time of year where it isn't too cold in the afternoons, but the hot weather isn't here yet. Madison has become obsessed with the grass lately because it is still crunchy from the winter dryness. Instead of sitting in the grass yesterday, we sat on the patio and she played with her "baby IPad" that plays music. 

When it started to get cool, we went inside to take a bath and feed Madison dinner. After her bath, I had the back door open while I was feeding Madison dinner. All of a sudden, I saw a rat, not a mouse, run along the back fence. I jumped up and ran to the door to see where it went. It went to the back corner of our yard and I couldn't see it after that. I quickly shut the door and turned around to Madison. When I turned around, this is what I saw:

Madison grabbed the baby food container and tipped it over. I am quickly learning how fast babies are...I only left her for 15 seconds! Doing what any good mom would do, I grabbed my phone to take a picture. Her pajama sleeve was already a mess and she had sweet potatoes in her hair, so another bath was a given. Since she needed another bath, I let her play for a few minutes and she loved it!

Lesson learned: Don't give a baby a bath BEFORE dinner. I am also convinced there is a nest of rat babies living in the corner of our yard. Eric will definitely be checking that out this weekend. 

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