Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Adventures in Daycare

During the day when I am at work, Madison goes to a daycare close to our house. She has been there for about 2.5 months and it is amazing how well she has settled in. Eric drops her off in the morning and I pick her up. There is nothing better than walking into her class at the end of the day and seeing her smile and squeal when she sees me. We could not be happier with her teachers and the school in general. Over the past week, we have had some funny experiences that have made us giggle. 

Every now and then I can get the cameras in her class to work on my phone. The first time last week, she was guarding the door and making sure to check out everyone that walked in the room. This week she was hanging out with her teacher, being a teachers pet. 

Tuesday, when I went to pick her up, 3 of the babies were laying on their stomachs in a circle. One little girl was "roaring". Each time she would do it, Madison and another boy would giggle. The little girl loved the reaction, so they all went back and forth a few times. 

We also got a call from the "principal" on Eric told me on the phone, Madison got in a fight at school. Haha! What really happened was that she scratched her face with her nail, but they were calling to tell us. They were so worried, but I called them back to reassure her teachers they did nothing wrong and we were not upset. 

Wednesday afternoon, I got to her school later than normal. Her afternoon teacher said they had a different teacher helping out this morning and it sounds like Madison was trying to pull a fast one on the substitute...she somehow convinced the sub that she needed to drink her bottle an hour earlier than usual. This girl is already trying to put one past new people!

All of a sudden this week, Madison figured out how to roll around the house and push herself forward. This afternoon, her teacher said she rolled over another baby...OMG! 

Eric and I have a good laugh each night talking about the daily happenings of Madison. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful place to send Madison to each day. She lights up when she sees her teachers and they take such good care of her. 

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