Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends! The weeks have been seeming to fly by, but thankfully this week slowed down some.  Here's to another fabulous Friday!
1. This is my 99th blog post! I guess I will have to think of something special to write about for my 100th post next week.  I have written 46 posts in 2013...we sure did have lots of wonderful things to write about this year!
2. Madison has been going through a 6 week growth spurt this week.  Monday and Tuesday were a little rough for Mommy and Madison.  She wanted to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours, so that's about all we did for 2 days.  She was very fussy and had a hard time getting settled.  Thankfully, it looks like we are back on track and she has been back to her happy self.  It makes me so sad when she is uncomfortable.  Eric and I were reading about growth spurts and it said they happen around 10 days, 6 weeks, 4 months and a few other times throughout the years.  I was in the middle of having a mommy meltdown while we were reading this info and Eric pointed out that the first 2 growth spurts were when I also had breakdowns.  I knew he was trying to comfort me in a weird way, so I let it slide.  ;)  Madison is such a good baby that even our "rough days" aren't that rough.  Look at this pretty little thing!
My heart is melting!
3. Madison and I had quite a big outing on Thursday!  We went to meet my sister in law, Heather, and the twins at Memorial City Mall.  Heather is super mom and has always taken her 4 kids anywhere she wanted to go from the time they were young.  I am trying to learn from her and not be scared to go places with Madison that involve us being gone for longer than an hour.  I was able to leave the house by 9, drive 45 minutes to the mall, have a great time shopping and eating lunch, and make it back home.  Madison was an angel the whole time!  We survived 2 feedings while we were out.  It was such a nice day with Heather and always fun to have time with just the twins.
Here we go...We were quite a sight to see!
 Taking selfie's with my girl at California Pizza Kitchen.
Brennin the non-stop eater...look at those blue eyes!
 Sweet Westin
4. I have been thinking a lot lately about balance in my life when I go back to work in December.  Eric and I have both always struggled with balancing work and home.  Usually things lean towards work and our weekends are filled with cleaning, grocery shopping and other "tasks".  Now that Madison is here, I want our weekends to be spent doing things with her and not worrying about daily tasks. The plan is to do a little bit around the house each day so we don't have to play catch up all weekend.  I have found tons of cute things on Pinterest to help me organize the structure of my day, cleaning the house and budgeting for our new day care expenses.  Now I just need to put some of these cute things to use! 
                                  *****10 Tips for Getting More Done During the Day*****
I want to spend my time having sweet moments like this with my girl:
5. Speaking of balance...I have had many times during maternity leave that I feel guilty that I am not doing more around the house during the day.  Eric always reminds me that my job is to take care of Madison...we will get the housework done...or worry about it another day.  I appreciate him reminding me of this and it has helped lessen the guilt I put on myself.  I remember after our family friend, Brittany, had her first son, she put this quote on her blog.  I have always liked it, but it means so much more to me now that I am a mommy. 


  1. That quote is so true. Take this time to be with will go so quickly and you'll miss it!

    1. Thank you! I have loved reading your blog during my pregnancy and now being a new mom. Your breastfeeding diaries series is so great! Such a good resource to show all different stories. on Five on Friday

  2. As I told you enjoy every precious moment with your darling daughter because before you know it she will be off to college. The housework will always be there whenever you decide to get to it. With Madison's arrival your life is forever changed. Once you go back to work your life will be even more hectic and you will find a new routine that works best for your family but making family time a priority is important as you say.

  3. bless! i even melt with those pics!!! i know you just adore being her mommy! what a blessing and gift!

  4. What a precious little girl. I napped everyday with my youngest while I was home on maternity leave and it was perfect. Cherish the moments! The house work will get done eventually!

  5. Ugh. I feel you on the growth spurt. I had twins a year ago September. Those first weeks and months were so hard! Have you heard of the Wonder Weeks? They are pretty accurate and it goes through why your baby is fussy (learning new things, brain development) and what weeks coordinate with fussiness. Saved my life, especially on the hard weeks. I could be like "OK, this is frustrating, but it's probably this and it WON'T last forever!

  6. Congrats on your 99th post!!!!!

    Love the pictures, Madison is so sweet. Everyone tells me how fast it goes, so don't worry about cleaning the house. I am already not able to keep up as much as I use to and the baby is not here yet. You look like you had a great time :)


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