Monday, January 25, 2016

Caroline {2 Months}

Sweet Caroline– You are 2 months old!  You have changed so much this are no longer a squishy little newborn.  She are sweet as pie and make us light up each time we see you..  There is nothing better than when you snuggle on our chest and sleep.

Weight: You weigh 12lbs 6 oz….this is up almost 5 pounds from your birth weight of 7lbs 10oz.! You are 23 inches long and starting to get little rolls on your arms and legs.  You are wearing 0-3month clothes and size 1 diapers.

Sleeping: You are still an amazing sleeper! Most nights, you only wake up once to eat & sleep from 9PM to 6AM.  Your “rough” nights are few & far between.  You are still sleeping in our room. During the day, you don’t like to nap from 7AM to 10AM.  You usually take a couple small naps & a big nap in the afternoon & are ready for bed by 8PM.

Eating: You are on a great schedule of eating every 3 hours.  No matter if you get off track, you still make sure to get 8 feedings a day.  Breastfeeding is going well and you have only had formula about 3 times total.  We have started to give you at least 1 bottle of breast milk a day to give mom a break from feeding you.  We started you on medicine for reflux and it has been life changing for you! You are so much happier after you eat and no longer in pain.

Milestones: Lifting your head, looking around, little smiles, rolling over (3 times this month!), noticing lights and fans. You love bath time, getting your diaper changed, being outside and being held. In the Moby wrap. 

Special Moments: We celebrated your 1st Christmas! We took our first over night trip to Katy and then Dallas later in the month.  We celebrated Tegan’s birthday, New Years Eve and went to Dallas for Meme’s funeral service.  You met Nana Konesheck for the first time.  You were given the middle name Charlene after Nana.  

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