Thursday, February 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! I was looking back over our blog and realized I really miss doing Friday posts to recap the little moments of our weeks! With 2 little girls, the weeks seem to fly by!  

1.  Madison is 2 years 5 months and officially obsessed with all things princess, dress up and movies. Frozen Fever has hit hard, even though we are a couple years late to the party. My parents gave Madison an Elsa dress for Valentine's Day...goes on first thing in the morning and then again the minute we get home from school. Lolli also got her a couple buckets to hold her dress up items. 

2. Madison is still loving school! She is such a smarty pants and loves to learn. I love getting to hear her talk about school, especially going outside. Her teacher, Ms. Stephanie, does a wonderful job documenting their day- what they learn, projects they do, outside activities, etc. 

Caroline has been in school for 2 weeks now! She has had a good transition and is happy everyday when I pick her up. 

Here is all the ladies on our first day back to school after maternity leave!

3. Madison and Caroline got Valentine's Day cards in the mail from Aunt Donna and Uncle Mike. It was Madison's first time to learn money went beyond a quarter. 

4. Valentine baby love!

Madison (5 months)   Caroline (3 months)

5. Caroline turned 3 months old! Just like that, we blinked and she isn't a newborn anymore! She is smiling all the time, make sweet little sounds with her voice and just a precious little love. 

6. Madison has been trying hard with potty training. She is now mostly wearing panties at school, with 1 accident a day on average. She is working to fill up her sticker chart and loves getting to pick her panties each morning. 

We are looking forward to spending the weekend with Lolli, Pops and Lisa, celebrating Valentine's Day and possibly going car (van) shopping. #momlife 

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  1. We are thinking about a van too! I always said I would never drive a minivan - haha! The convenience factor is just so tempting. :) Your girls are beautiful! ~Brittany Sciba


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