Friday, July 18, 2014

Konesheck Family Vacation 2014

A few weeks ago, we went to San Antonio and stayed at the JW Marriott resort. We have been here twice before and it is always an amazing place to stay. The hotel is on top of a hill, so you overlook the hill country and the golf course on site. One thing we like about the resort is that there is so much to do on site, you really don't have to leave for the weekend. Each morning, we ate breakfast at Cibilo Moon, where they have an amazing breakfast buffet. We spent our days swimming, floating the lazy river and going down the water slides. There is also a sports bar that serves delicious food. Throughout the day and evening, there were tons of things for kids and families to do. They had games, s'mores, a movie at the pool, stargazing, live music and a food truck. 

Funny story...any vacation with the Koneshecks is an adventure. Between all 15 of us, there were quite a few rooms. Eric's family had booked the same type of room for everyone. His sister, Katie, and her fiancĂ©, David, got to the hotel first and checked everyone in. A couple of the rooms weren't the right ones and they got it worked out, except for 1 room. The hotel said since they couldn't accommodate the room type they had paid for, they would have to put 1 room in the Presidental Suite! We thought they were joking until we saw the room. It was  amazing!!! It worked out well because we had a room for everyone to hang out in together. One night we orderd fajitas from a local restaurant and had a buffet style dinner. It was so nice to be able to relax and not go out to eat. 

We had such a wonderful weekend!

                  The whole family!

My parents would have been so proud!

Last day of vacation...Madison's over it. 


  1. What a fun vacation!! That hotel looks like it would be a blast! Thanks for linking up!M

  2. Hi from the link up! Love your vacation pics! Looks like a great time!

  3. This hotel is on our must do list. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. What a fun and fabulous vacation you guys had! I guess that little mishap with the rooms turned out to be on your favor, since you guys got to stay in a gorgeous suite. Just by looking at the kid's faces, I'm sure they had the most fun out of it all. They all look so adorable! Thank you so much for sharing the lovely pictures! Wishing everyone the best of health!

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine


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