Thursday, July 24, 2014

{Five on Friday}

Happy Friday friends! Today is our last day of summer...back to school on Monday for Madison and me.

{1} Big news this week...Madison finally said Momma!! She has been saying Dada for a solid month, but not Momma. Earlier in the week, we were eating breakfast and she finally said Momma! Thankfully, when I went to record her, she said it again. She was very proud of herself and started clapping. 

{2} We have been shopping for a convertible car seat for Madison. She still fits in her carrier car seat, but we only have 1 that we move between Eric's truck and my car. It is getting to be way to heavy when we load her up after daycare since we leave the car seat at school during the day. We think we have decided on the Chicco Nextfit Zip from Babies R Us. Madison seems to like it!

On the way out of the store, Eric and Madison tried out a big girl toy. She loved riding in the car! 

{3} Last weekend, Eric and I spent our first night away from Madison! We went into Houston and stayed at The Houstonian Hotel. The hotel was beautiful! It was in a wooded area, which isn't common for the area it's located. Since we were footloose and fancy free, we did what any married couple does on their weekend away...bought a new trash can at The Container Store! Eric has been looking for a metal trash can for a while, so he was happy with his purchase.

While we enjoyed our weekend away, we sure did miss our girl! Apparently we were excited to see her when we got home because we squished her little face when we went to kiss her. 

{4} Remember the car Madison tried out when we were shopping for car seats? Somehow it made its way into Pop's truck when they came to babysit Madison last weekend! She LOVES her car! We have spent lots of time walking up and down the hallway this week when it has been to hot or rainy to go outside. 

{5} Madison looked like such a southern belle today in her little bubble from GiGi and PePe! 

Here are a few more pictures of Madison just because I love her so much!


  1. Love that pink car! And I'm cracking up that y'all bought a trash can on your vacation :) So funny!!!
    Thanks so much for linking up!
    :) Andrea

  2. She is so, so sweet!!


  3. Saying hi from the linkup! Your baby girl is beautiful! It's my 1st time on your blog and I just love the newborn pictures of her in your header! I've got baby fever.. BAD! So I oo and ahh over babies all day long! Her little pink car is to die for! So cute!


  4. Stopping by from the link up! I LOOOOVE that pink car!! Our kids have had so much fun in the toy cars too. So darling!


  5. The trashcan picture and story is pretty funny! When you showed the car picture from the store it looked like fun but then to see it in pink?! How cute! What a fun way to enjoy some walks together.

  6. Happy Friday from the linkup! How jealous am I that you went to Crave Cupcakes in Houston? But it looked like you guys had so much fun!


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