Friday, April 25, 2014

{Five on Friday}

Happy Friday friends! This Friday sure did sneak up on me! It has been a busy week and I feel like we are still tying to get things back in order from last weekend. 

1. We celebrated Madison's 1st Easter! We started out the day being lazy and we all stayed in our pajamas until noon. ;) Once we all got dressed, we gave Madison her Easter basket. She loved pulling out all her goodies. We spent the afternoon at my parents house having an "egg hunt" for Madison, eating dinner and playing outside. 

2.  My parents house backs up to one of the lakes in the neighborhood.There are   ducks that swim around and they recently had babies. Madison and Pops took some time on Easter Day to feed the ducks. Not sure who was cuter...the ducklings or Madison and Pops!

3.  We got a "new to us" treadmill this weekend. We have been shopping for treadmills, but Eric's parents were nice enough to give us theirs that they don't use anymore. We headed to Katy on Friday afternoon to spend the night with Eric's family and pick up the treadmill. After lots of manpower, the boys got the treadmill loaded up. Once we got home on Saturday, Eric realized we forgot the power cord. Luckily, Eric's sister was able to overnight it to us. I'm looking forward to having a treadmill!  Here are a few pictures from our trip to Katy. 

Madison's car made the trip...

4. Madison had another Easter celebration with my grandparents. She got some (tons) adorable clothes, baby food and her favorite toy...a chick that sings the chicken dance song and flaps it's wings. She cracks up and tries to grab it's wing every time we turn it on. 

5. Madison had her first ponytail this week! I picked her up from school on Wednesday and she had the cutest little ponytail that I've ever seen!

Last, but not least...a mix of cute pics from this week. 

Practicing our selfies...

We are off to celebrate this weekend! Eric's little brother, Darren is getting married! 

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