Friday, January 31, 2014

Madison and the Boats

Last Satuday was a beautiful day, despite the fact that most of Houston was iced over the day before. We went to Galveston for dinner that night with my parents. We ate at Fisherman's Wharf to take advantage of the last day of Galveston Restaurant Week. I love anytime we get to go places with Madison...she is the best shopping/restaurant buddy! When we got there, they sat us at a table by the window, which is always nice. It didn't take Madison long to notice the window and the big boat, The Elisa, docked outside the window. My dad held her and she looked outside forever taking in every part of the boat and the other boats passing by. 

Madison also had a couple firsts that night...she sat in a high chair and ate baby food! It is so amazing to me how fast she is growing right now! It's seems like every time I turn around she is doing something new. We have been wanting to try her in a high chair, but didn't think she was ready yet. She was still a little wobbly when she got tired of sitting, but overall she loved getting to be part of the table and look out the window. 

While we enjoyed yummy good, Madison entries squash! She wasn't sure of the taste or texture at first, but ended up loving it!

 Since then, she had apples starting on Wednesday and loves those also! We weren't planning to start her on baby food yet, but she seems to be liking it. We have been giving her some rice cereal and some baby food. I am having trouble finding good information on how much baby food a baby should eat at 4-5 months. Eric thinks she should have 1/2 a container at all 4 meals but I'm thinking that's too much. We have been trying to do 1/2 a container of baby food at breakfast and some baby food and rice cereal at dinner. 

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