Tuesday, September 3, 2013

6 Days Until Madison's Birthday!


We officially found out today that I will get induced next Monday, September 9th!  We are so excited finally meet Madison!

Since last Tuesday, August 27th, my doctors appointments have gotten interesting again. Madison has been a little lazy on the stress test monitoring. She had to get "shocked" by the doctor with this little thing that looks like a small microdermabrasion scrubber. On that same day, I was worn out and really not feeling good. My doctor could tell I was worn out and began to discuss how work was going and looking towards an induction. (It turns out my allergies hit me hard the next day and I have had sinus issues for a week now.  I am finally starting to feel better.)  He did an ultrasound that day just to make sure Madison was growing properly and had good fluid around her. Everything checked out well! She has a small head and big belly...just like her mommy right now! Her head was measuring about 35 weeks 6 days and her belly was measuring 38 weeks 4 days. I'm ok with her head being small at this point! 


Today, September 3rd, she was being VERY lazy! After 3 shocks, 45 minutes of monitoring and an ultrasound, Madison finally got moving and "passed" her stress test. As we were watching the monitor, Eric and I were both preparing ourselves that today could be Madison's birthday. The doctor did another ultrasound.  Her fluid was still good, she had a strong heartbeat and her umbilical cord was flowing well, so off we went!  I will go back to the doctor on Friday for my last OB appointment! 


The doctor is going to schedule is for an induction next Monday, September 9th. The single artery umbilical cord was the original reason for the twice a week monitoring. We consider ourselves very lucky to have made it this far without bed rest. Madison is more than ready to come out and we are more than ready to meet her!  From what we know so far, we will go to the hospital Sunday night to get prepped and start the induction Monday morning. So...the final countdown is on... 6 more days until we finally meet Madison!


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