Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Design Center

A couple weeks after we signed papers to build our house, we went to the Perry Design Center to choose our options for the house.  This was such an exciting day!  Eric and I actually agreed on almost everything, so we didn't get in a fight at all!  I figured there would be some disagreements along the way, but it was smooth sailing! After the design center, we met my parents at Pappasitos for a celebratory dinner!  Here are some pictures of the options we chose. 

 Cabinets and Tile

 With better lighting

  Bathroom light fixture

 Lighting for dining room

  Outdoor lighting

  I'm in LOVE with our front door!

  Stove and range

 Microwave...with me in the reflection

  Kitchen faucet

  Backsplash- this is also close to our granite and cabinets

 Our brick and stone color

 All of our choices put together

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