Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

It is hard to believe that the Christmas season has already come and gone.  November and December are my favorite times of year.  I love the fall/Thanksgiving time and the excitement of Christmas.  This Christmas was the first in a few years that my parents, Eric and I, and the Konesheck's were all home, in Katy, for Christmas.  Eric and I had a great few days celebrating with everyone and getting to spend time with family. 

On Christmas Eve, Tegan and Cainan came over to my parents house.  We baked cupcakes and gave them their presents.  They are so cute and we all had a great time!  That afternoon, Eric, my parents and I went out to the Cy Fair area where they are building a house that is the same floor plan as ours.  It was our first time to see the actual floor plan...and we loved it even more! 

Christmas Eve night, Eric and I went to church with Michael and Heather.  Tegan hugged on me for about half the service...melted my heart!  After church, we went to dinner with my parents and Eric's parents at Hasta La Pasta.  It was such a nice dinner.  The last time we all went there together was the night we did the tasting for our wedding. 

Christmas Day we opened presents with my parents in the morning.  They are always so generous with their gifts for us.  This year, everyone got us things we can use when we get in the house.  That afternoon, we went to the Konesheck's for lunch and the gift exchange.  Last year we started doing a gift swap between the Konesheck's and the Euers.  It is always fun and nice to see the Euers side of the family. 

2011 was a wonderful year for Eric and I.  So many wonderful things happened in our life's.  We can't wait for all the exciting things that 2012 has in store for us!

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