Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in Review #7

I have been battling with feeling like summer is almost over yet also realizing that I have 4 more weeks until my new kiddos start in my 4th grade class.  I think the fact that our vacation isn't until the end of the summer is part of the issue.  Last week was my last "official" week of pure freedom.  This week I started teaching summer school at my campus.  The summer school is only from 8-12, Monday-Thursday, so it will still give me time in the afternoon to enjoy the last couple weeks of summer and get my class ready.  Here is a little glimpse of most of my week last week:
  • met my mom and Mrs. Miller is Sugarland for shopping
  • stayed at home being a homebody
  • went to Hobby Lobby and HEB
  • stayed at home being a homebody
  • got some pretty new shoes at Macy's
  • stayed at home being a homebody
  • made a wreath while being a homebody
  • went to the eye doctor
  • stayed at home being a homebody
  • went to the dentist
  • stayed at home being a home body
     Anyone noticing a trend here?  I REALLY tried to enjoy as much time at home as I could.  I have never been one to enjoy staying home for a long time, but this summer has totally changed that feeling!  I am sure next summer will be much of the same when we have a new house to decorate. 

    My weekend was a little more eventful, I promise!  Friday afternoon Leslie and I went to Katy to stay at my parents house for the night.  She was needing a break from being a mommy for the night.  We went to dinner, got frozen yogurt, stayed up late watching Say Yes to the Dress and went shopping the next day.  We had a wonderful time!  Sunday was a very relaxing day.  Eric and I went to The Spot for lunch and did our usual drive around Galveston.  We went to see the Carnival Conquest, where we will set sail from in a few weeks!  Can't wait for some rest, relaxation and celebrating with my wonderful hubby.  Can't wait to officially call him Dr. Konesheck, DPT. =)

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