Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tegan Comes to Visit

   Eric and I always look forward to the kids coming to visit, but this time was different because they came alone.  This all came about Memorial Day weekend when Cainan couldn't understand why I still had school and he couldn't come stay with us the next week.  He decided then that he wanted to come visit us this summer by himself, without Tegan.

   Tegan came back with us the night of 4th of July.  The next day, we went to get pedicures at this place that has the cutest little spa pedicure chairs for kids.  They look like rabbits and the water bowl looks like a flower.  She had the best time and felt very special getting spoiled!  She asked why I wasn't getting a pedicure and I told her I was going the next week with my aunt.  She was very amazed that I had an aunt, just like her! Tegan was so cute the whole time and they gave her the works!  I guess she was pretty relaxed because she started falling asleep in the middle of her pedicure.

After pedicures, we went to Panera Bread, her favorite, for lunch.  We also got to see where Uncle Eric works when we brought him lunch.  Somehow she came up with the idea of making name cards and place mats for the table for dinner that night.  She made place settings and put out coasters and mints.  She was very proud of her work!  After dinner we went to meet Uncle Darren for frozen yogurt.  It was yummy!

The next day we went swimming at Leslie's mom's house.  Tegan always likes seeing Hayden and Adyson.  The girls had a great time swimming.  That afternoon we went to visit the Naked Cupcake and she had a wonderful time decorating her cupcake.  She choose red velvet and the lady said she had never seen a kid order red velvet.  She has very refined tastes =)  After eating dinner with Uncle Eric at Pappasitos, it was time to head back to Katy. 

We had a great time together! One funny morning was the first day when her and Eric were watching Good Morning America and their was a guy that proposed to his girlfriend.  Tegan asked what was going on and it was so cute to hear Eric explain to her what it means to get engaged and married. I can't believe that Tegan is already 5 1/2 and is going into kindergarten.  Obviously this is how life works, but when she was born, I never could have imagined her being in school.  I am so proud of the little lady she has become! Michael and Heather have done a wonderful job with her and she is such a sweet girl.  

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