Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 Koneshecks + Cancun= Christmas Vacation 2010!

        In September, Eric really started to get the vacation bug since we didn't go anywhere this summer.  We started looking into vacation spots and his parents decided to take everyone on vacation for Christmas break!  We spent December 19-24th in Cancun, Mexico.  Any vacation with the Konesheck's is always full of activity and memories!  One exciting event of the vacation was Katie's boyfriend, David, turned 21.  The night of his birthday was a fun time had by all! Another fun part of the trip was getting to have Tegan and Cainan there.  We miss getting to spend time with them, so it was great to get to watch them experience the vacation. Eric and I enjoyed sometime together without having to worry about school, studying and the other stresses in life.  Here are some pictures of the many adventures of the Konesheck's! They are a little out of order because I couldn't figure out how to rearrange them =)

Eric and me before dinner

 Cainan's favorite part of the trip: Golf with the boys!
 Eric and me at Xel-Ha

 Heather and me

 Decorating Katie and David's room for his 21st birthday!

 One of the pool's at the hotel

 Cainan's girlfriend!

 Tegan wearing the Mayan head dress

 Eric and Michael excited to be at the hotel

 Tegan looked so grown-up!

 Cute Konesheck family at the beach the first day

 Eric and me in the beautiful water

 Me and my girl at dinner the first night

 The funniest part of this picture was Cainan trying to sneak in the bottom and the fact that Tegan took the picture!

 My cute boy ready to go to the pool

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  1. Hi! Found this post from Kellys vacation blog link up! We just went to Cancun for our honeymoon and loved it! I definitely want to go back! Did you like Xel-Ha? We did Xplor but Xel-Ha looked amazing!


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