Monday, July 6, 2015

Gender Reveal

               💙💗💙 It's a... 💗💙💗

              💗💗💗 GIRL!! 💗💗💗

Madison is going to have a little sister! We are so excited to have 2 sweet little girls. 

Funny story about the reveal... Eric and I did not know the gender ahead of time.  We found out with everyone at the party when we cut the cake and saw pink icing. We both cut at the same time and when Eric pulled out his knife, I saw blue. When I pulled out my knife, I saw pink...I was so confused! It turns out Eric cut through a blue icing dot on the side of the cake. As soon as we pulled the slice of cake, we saw pink icing and knew it was a girl! 

When we went for the ultrasound, the tech said she was 70% sure of the gender...we will find out on July 31st if baby girl is still a girl!  

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