Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

On Friday, we celebrated Madison's 2nd Halloween! She had a great time at her party at school. It was fun to see her interact with other kids at school. She isn't shy around others! She ate some snacks and practiced her dancing. Madison had no problem crawling into the lap of any mom in the room, but a full on meltdown happened when another girl crawled into my lap. We got home earlier than normal and Super Girl took a power nap before changing costumes. 

Friday night, we went over to The Cottrell's house to eat pizza and trick or treat. Madison and Kathryn rode in the wagon while Adyson and Hayden went up to the doors. Madison was able to get a few pieces of candy. Her favorite treat by far was the bag of Cheetos she got. We had a fun night with our sweet little Minnie Mouse!

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