Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! I am oh so happy to see Friday and have a long weekend. 

This week was the first week of school. Overall, it was a great week with not too many hiccups. Even though Madison and I have been back at school for a month, we still celebrated the first day of school. 

I can't wait to start making first day of school traditions with our family. When I was a kid, we would always have blueberry muffins for the first day of school. 

Madison's first birthday is quickly approaching! Next Saturday, Septemebr 6th, we will be celebrating the big one with Madison. I thought I was fine with her turning one, but it is starting to hit me. It is amazing to watch her grow and learn new things. I'm not too sad about her getting older, but just more emotional about how much we have been through as our first year as a family and how very thankful we are to have Madison. We prayed and God answered with more then we could have ever imagined. 

This picture cracks me up...

One thing that has not changed is Madison's love for her white Wubbie. It may be a little less fluffy and not as white, but it's still Madison's favorite!

I'm looking forward to soaking up the next week with Madison. Love her to pieces!

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