Thursday, May 29, 2014

April and May

Well, we blinked our eyes and it is the end of May!  April and May were such busy months for us that  feel like we haven't had a minute to take a breath.  We have been having so much fun and Madison is changing everyday, so I want to make sure to remember all the fun we have been having.

{Easter} We celebrated Madison's 1st Easter!  It was such a nice day spending a lazy morning at home and then going to my parents house for dinner.  Madison loved getting to look through her Easter basket and "hunt" for eggs.

{Somehow I think we will see this look again when we enter the teenage years.}

{Darren and Shannon's Wedding} The next weekend we celebrated Uncle Darren and Aunt Shannon's wedding.  Everything turned out so beautiful and we are happy to have Shannon join the Konesheck family.  We also enjoyed getting to see Michael, Heather and the kids.  The week before they moved to Austin and 2 kiddos were in and out of the hospital with pneumonia.  It was so good to give them all a hug and see that they were doing well.

{This is what happens to a beautiful wedding table when you have an 8 month old.}

{Eric's 30th Birthday}  On April 29th, we celebrated Eric's 30th birthday!  The day started with Starbucks and donuts.  That night, we went to eat at Perry's Steakhouse for dinner.  I asked Eric if he wanted Madison to stay with my parents, but he wanted to spend the evening with her. :)

{Konesheck Family Reunion} Madison got to attend her 1st Konesheck family reunion!  This takes place the first Sunday in May each year.  She had a great day playing outside with her cousins and eating Nana banana pudding.

{Mother's Day} We celebrated my first Mother's Day with Madison.  Last year, I was about 25 weeks pregnant on Mother's Day.  This year it was so much sweeter.  Eric and Madison surprised me with a mommy charm for my bracelet.  We hosted lunch for both of our families.  Two days before that, Madison came home from school and started throwing up.  Little did we know that her stomach bug would spread to 7/10 people that came over for Mother's Day.  Good things she's cute...

{ One day the Wubbie will be gone.  Until then...I'm enjoying white Wubbie hanging out ouf her mouth.}

{Memorial Day weekend} We went to Dallas for Memorial Day weekend to visit Aunt Donna, Uncle Mike and Meme.  We also went to a wedding for a family friend.  Madison has already been to 2 weddings in her short 8 months of life!  Even through she had an ear infection, Madison was a trooper.  She even went swimming for the first time!

It has been a busy 2 months around this house!  We are on the final countdown until summer vacation. Madison and I are looking forward to enjoying 6 weeks at home together.  Our plans include: some short weekend trips, daytime shopping and lunch, bringing Daddy Sonic Dr. Pepper, afternoon naps and feeding the ducks at Lolli and Pop's house.

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