Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back on the Blogging Wagon

    Well, I think it is about time to come out of blogging hiatus! I'm the type of person that I have tried many times to catch-up on the past few months, but I feel like I need to have everything from the past before I can blog about the current events.  Call it what you may, it is my OCD/Type A personality. =)   Last time I really thought about writing was around the first week of August.  We celebrated my mom's 50th birthday and a few days later our new journey began without us even knowing!  there are many things to catch-up on, so I am going to start slowly...

    On August 7th, Eric and I set sail on the Carnival Conquest out of Galveston for a 7 day cruise.  This is the 3rd time that we have gotten to go on vacation just the 2 of us and we always have a wonderful time!  This vacation was just what we needed.  We had so much to celebrate since Eric was officially done with school and rotations and had just gotten offered a job a St. John's Sports Medicine that week before.  It was definitely a celebration for him and for the 2 of us making it through the past 3 years.  I love "out of school" Eric!  He is such a different person, less stressed and pays a lot of attention to me =)   This was the first time in a long time that he has truly been stress free.

   Our days at see revolved around waking up, eating breakfast, going to the pool, eating lunch, taking a nap, eating dinner and watching comedians for hours on end. Repeat day after day!  The weird thing was that this was the first ship we have been on that we haven't had to fight for chairs at the pool.  No matter what time we went to the pool, there were plenty of chairs. 

   Our ship docked in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  We didn't get off the ship in Jamaica.  We have been there a few times before and have never really been to interested.  It was nice to be on the ship when most people were off the ship.  Our next stop was Grand Cayman.  We LOVE Grand Cayman!  We have been there many times and always enjoy it.  We took the boat tender to shore and walked around all the stores.  They have very high end stores but also have more affordable stores.  We always like to go to Jimmy Buffets and Guy Harvey.  After walking around for a few hours, we headed back to the ship...can't miss nap time!  Our last stop was Cozumel, which we have also been to many times.  It is unbelievable how much it has grown and changed since the first time we went 13 years ago!  We walked around the stores they have right when you get off the ship and then ate lunch at a restaurant close by.  It was extremely hot, so we didn't last more than a couple hours. 

All in all, it was a wonderful trip.  The best part was getting to spend time just the 2 of us and doing whatever we felt like...which was a lot of relaxing!  When we got back on Sunday, all that was on my brain was that I had to start back at school the next day.  Little did I know that after turning on my cell phone for the first time in a week that my life would change!  That's a little teaser for what's to come next... =)


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