Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teacher of the Year

        A few weeks ago I was given one of the best honor's a teacher can receive...Teacher of the Year for Greene Elementary!  When I was nominated, I was very honored.  The best part was that my friend Leslie was nominated also.  Leslie is an amazing teacher and has been a wonderful teacher, supporter and teammate to me for the past 3 years.
       The school staff voted from a list of 5 teachers and a couple days later, my principal called me into her office to let me know that I had been selected for the Teacher of the Year for our campus.  My kids were so excited when my name was announced.  I was shocked to learn that I had won and very honored at the same time.  It feels good to know that my hard work is noticed =) 
       To celebrate, Eric and my parents both took me to celebratory dinners.  I also received beautiful flowers from my parents and my principals.  In a few weeks, I get to go to a lunch with Susan, my mom, Leslie and the other honorees from the district.  I also get to be recognized at the district board meeting in a few weeks.  Here are a few pictures that I took.

My name on the school marquee

Flowers from my parents

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